Do you have a decent size following on one or many social media channels?
Are your followers interested in the keto diet and keto snacks?

If so, please apply to be an ambassador for Keto Krate.  
We'll ship you a free Keto Krate every month to share with your followers! :D
I want in!
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Please enter your follower count and URL's for the following social channels

If you do not use the platform, simply leave it blank.
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How did you build your followers?  How do you know they're interested in keto?

In exchange for sending you a free Krate, all we ask is that you create one beautiful piece of content (picture, video) using it.  Bonus points if your smiling face is in the shot.  Once you create the post we ask that you send us a link to it.  As long as you continue posting your Krate, we'll continue sending it.  Sound good?!

Your shipping address

If you're accepted to our ambassador program, we'll need your shipping address in order to mail you your Krate
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Thank you for applying!  

We process applications on the last day of the month.  If you're accepted you'll hear back by the 2nd.  If you don't hear back please feel free to re-apply once your audience has grown larger or become more keto specific.

If you have any questions or advice for us, email us at
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